Spinning Raft - ABC Rides

Year of Manufacturing: 2007


Spinning Raft water ride by ABC Rides available for sale!

With the height of 25 meters and approximately 340 meters of track length, the ride is one of the largest water rides spinning water rides in the world. The ride features a 180 degree rotating vertical lift, a spiral slope and a 21 meter drop to create a fun, exciting and splashy experience for passengers. Boats seat 6 adults or up to 9 including children.

ABC Rides Switzerland
Year of Manufacturing
6 adults or up to 9 with children
Track Length
340 m / 1115 ft
Max Height
25 m / 82 ft
Max Vertical Drop
21 m / 69 ft
Height Restriction
120cm / 4 ft (depending on local restrictions)
Park model

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