Ride Package 44x - Various Manufacturers

44x amusement rides, slides and coin-operated machines


A set of amusement rides and coin operated machines (total 44x) available for sale!

Well kept set of rides in very good or excellent condition from trusted European manufacturers. Only to be sold as a complete set.

List of rides:
Sidewinder 8 - Moser Rides (2010)
Bumper Cars x24 - I.E. Park (2010)
Polyp - Emiliana Luna Park (2003)
Tagada - Emiliana Luna Park (2003)
Family Coaster 135m - SBF Rides (2003)
Jets - SBF Rides (2003)
Wonder Flight 8 - SBF Rides (2003)
Merry Go Round 8.5m - SBF Rides (2003)
Top Dancer - SBF Rides (2003)
Happy Tower - SBF Rides (2003)
Kiddie Wheel 6 - SBF Rides (2003)
Playground 396m2 - Delta Play Co (1999)
Trampolines x4 - Somersault (2003)
Coin Opertaed Machines from Memopark (Italy), Cogan (Italy) & Jolly Roger (UK)

Full details of the rides and further information available upon inquiry.

Year of Manufacturing
between 1997 and 2010
Technical details
Available upon inquiry
Only to be sold as a complete set

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