Family Coaster - Zierer


The Ride starts in the station where the train is loaded with guests. After boarding is completed and the single lap bars are closed, the train is sent towards and up the lift. The lift takes the train approximately 16.5 meters / 54 ft above ground. Then the train is racing down by gravity through a series of dips and turns returning to the station. The first drop is built as a left curve and leads close to the bottom where the train reaches its maximum speed of 16m/s. Running with high speed and banking the train enters the helix. The track is guiding the train in a left curve upwards and at the same time the radius becomes smaller which creates a long experience of g-force. On the top of the helix the train enters the “pretzel”. It starts with a narrow right turn while going downwards. A transition to a wide turn near the ground with high speed and banking leads into a second narrow right turn going upward. After the “pretzel” the train runs through an s-shaped left-right curve combination and finally enters the reduction brake. Magnetic brakes decelerate the train smoothly. Exiting the brakes with low velocity the train is forwarded back to the station. 


Zierer Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH




approx. 16,5m / 54ft

Ground space

approx. 66m X 43m / 217ft X 141ft

Length of track

383m / 1258 ft

Max. speed

16 m/s (36mph)

Number of vehicles

2 trains with 8 two-passenger cars

Hourly Capacity

approx. 880 pph