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United International Leisure AG forms a dynamic team and has successfully been active in the amusement rides & leisure industry for more than 20 years. In the fast and exciting amusement park industry, where developments change frequently, knowledge, good advice, service and reliability are of great value.


We offer our expertise and professional guidance that is required to make decisions as effectively and cost-efficient as possible. Moreover we will be able to give you our professional support that is tailored to your specific request or needs.

Our team is globally represented and can give all sorts of advice, support, and customized solutions, so that your purchase will meet or exceed all your expectations and will benefit your company in every aspect.

Have a look at our Products page for all the used* (or new) amusement rides we have for sale.


If you wish to sell an amusement ride, please contact us for our terms and conditions.


* Please note that images and/or videos published on Amusement-rides.com could be indicative and might not reflect the actual ride on sale.